ANNOUNCEMENTS (Week of July 30, 2017)

The Grace Christian Church welcomes all visitors. Please feel free to share the Christian fellowship through GOD’s WORDS.

1.  We thank and appreciate Miss Juliana Inguito and Miss Aimee Aleria for the floral offering and the family of Mr. Zenon Viva
as the clean-up incharge.

2.  We will be celebrating the Lord's Table next Sunday, August 6, 2017.

3.  Parents are requested to let their children below 10 years old attend Sunday school classes.

4.  Those who would like to offer flowers for Sundays, just feel free to sign up your name on the form posted at the bulletin board
     for your schedule. Thank you.

                                 Come! Let us be "like minded" by attending our Bible Studies during the week.



SCHEDULE FOR August 6, 2017

WORSHIP LEADER  -  The Board of Deacons                   FLORAL OFFERING       -  Miss Hazel Cabahug
ORGANIST                -  Mr. Walter L. Ramirez                                                               -  Mrs. Michelle Gauthier                
USHERS                     -  The Board of Deacons                    PROGRAM-ers                 -  The Board of Deacons
                                                                                                CLEAN-UP INCHARGE -  The family of Deacon Amadeo Zandro Ursos


1. Visayan translations & publications                                     8. General health of Mr. Marc Romea
2. Expansion of Radio Bible Class in Visayas & Mindanao     9. General health of Mr. Jeffrey R. Tan
3. Prep-school & DVBS teachers                                           
10. General health of Mr. Jerry R. Tan
4. DVBS activites
11. General health of Mr. Rodolfo Galia
5. Evangelistic Ministries                                                        12. General health of Charbie Gil Fullido
6. Media Ministry                                                                    13. General health of Mrs. Rosario Balani
7. Missionary Ministries

If you have prayer concerns, communicate with us through our email address so that we can include them in our prayer list.


GCC Members who passed on to Phase 3 in 2017:
1. Sylvano "Vans" Garsuta Sr. - January 15
2. Juana “Wando” Telmo - January 21
3. Lourdes Viva - February 22
4. Pablea "Lea" Balani - February 28
5. Amando "Mando" Oguis - May 8
6. Esperanza "Pancing" Balbido - May 31